Celebration and Alcohol

During the Holidays , you can see people holding black grocery bags and ice boxes. At the wee hours, one can still hear loud voices singing in a loud-speaker. Do they have neighbors? In the morning, one cannot hear any noise, everybody is asleep. Some sort of vampire characteristics?

On the streets, you can see empty beer cans littered near waste cans. In the papers, you can read accidents and death.

Why can’t people celebrate without getting drunk? Alcohol is synonymous to celebration because it can make you feel free of all your troubles and worries, it can make you feel more¬†confident and it can make you feel warm. But for only a moment. as it stays in your system. You will have more trouble the day after.

Alcoholism is a disease. It begins from a sip until it is too late to turn back. Alcohol is a drug.


7 Responses to Celebration and Alcohol

  1. Eugenio Lohr says:

    hi miss!! you write very nice and profesionally i like it a a lot. miss i have the same idea with you that people shouldn’t drink to celebrate something, they only are hurting theirself and probably they will have a disease.

  2. Francisco Romero Navarro says:

    it is a very good coment and I agree with you that is bad to celebrate with alcohol because i makes people to fall in many problems with friends and family, and you can get fun without alcohol. But beer taste really good

  3. Thanks a lot for this article! Really interesting.

    • you’re welcome.

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